Hello and welcome to Forged Physiques! At Team FP, we believe that you can achieve your fitness goals with hard work, dedication and properly designed training and nutrition programs. Bringing you customized, practical, training and nutrition programs to help you reach your physique, performance and health goals. If you’re looking to: get stronger, get healthier, lose weight, gain muscle or improve your sport performance, then we can help you by delivering programs tailored to your goals. We work with all calibres of athletes, busy professionals, weekend warriors and the general population.

At Forged Physiques, we believe that you can achieve your goals with hard work, dedication and properly designed programs that offer flexibility. We work with you to help you plan, envision and implement a plan of action to help you achieve your goals.

We design programs for athletes, weekend warriors, busy professionals and for anyone interested in making improvements in their physiques or performance.

Eat Foods You Enjoy and Get Results

Many coaches are actually recommending diets and programs that are unhealthy, restrictive and far from optimal. There is also a misconception that you have to eliminate foods you enjoy or extremely restrict your caloric intake to lose weight or to reach your fitness goals. This is simply not true. Forged Physiques coaches teach flexible dieting practices, so you are able to eat the foods that you enjoy while getting results. We don’t recommend elimination diets to our clients, meaning you will not be eliminating particular macronutrients or food types from your diet. We believe that flexible dieting is more maintainable long-term and greatly reduces the risk of rebounds. We believe that the long-term psychological and physiological health of our clients is far more important than rapid, short-term results.

Customized Training Programs Designed For You

Forged Physiques coaches will help you reach your goals with enjoyable, scientifically-based training programs suited to your goals and your preferences. All programs are customized and individualized to you. We are committed to ongoing education and keeping up-to-date with the most recent literature so that what we are recommending to our clients reflects the current best practices suggested by leading scientists and practitioners.

We’re Not Just Personal Trainers, We’re Coaches

Forged Physiques coaches are not just personal trainers. We are qualified professionals that provide a very high level of communication, monitoring and evaluation to each of our clients. At Forged Physiques, we take a very client-centric approach to program design and coaching. We carefully evaluate and monitor each client’s progress on a daily and weekly basis and make any necessary adjustments to training and nutrition programming as frequently as needed. Adjustments are typically made once per week. Most personal trainers do not provide the same level of detailed evaluation and monitoring and many coaches will provide bi-weekly or monthly evaluations and adjustments. We believe that daily and weekly monitoring is the best way to keep you consistently progressing properly towards your goals.

What To Watch Out For

There are many coaches providing cookie cutter programs that aren’t customized for each individual. While these programs may work, they may also be inefficient or unhealthy for you. When searching for a coach or a personal trainer, we recommend evaluating their credentials heavily and determining if their training philosophies make sense to you. Make sure that your coach has a sound understanding of nutrition and exercise physiology and that they are able to appropriately apply the theory. Keep in mind that just because someone is in great shape, it does not mean that they make a good coach or trainer. Just because they’ve competed and placed in powerlifting, or physique events does not mean that they know how to program properly for others. Some coaches can get athletes in to great shape appearance-wise however, they put their athletes through unhealthy practices to get there. One strategy is to look at how their athletes look and perform year-to-year and how they appear in the off-season.

It doesn’t take a knowledgeable coach to simply decrease their client’s caloric intake and increase their caloric expenditure enough to make them lose weight. A good coach will understand the physiological adaptations that one’s body undergoes when certain diets and programs are implemented and will understand any potential health implications. They will design programs that keep a long-term perspective in mind and that minimize the risk of unhealthy rebounds after someone has reached their goals. A coach should be able to answer your questions and should be willing to provide rationale for their exercise and nutrition recommendations.